Waters 2410 Refractive Index Detector

Waters 2410 refractive index detectors sell for significantly more on the used market then the older Waters 410 models. They certainly look more modern and this may be important to you if you have clients visiting your laboratory. However if you can excuse appearances, the 410 may still be a viable option for you. The optics of Waters 2410 actually offer no improvement over the older Waters 410 and even the improvements from the 2414 are negligible . Here are the drift specifications:

Waters 410 Drift 2.5 × 10–7 RIU/hr
Waters 2410 Drift 2.5 × 10–7 RIU/hr
Waters 2414 Drift 2.0 × 10–7 RIU/hr

However simply as a matter of being newer, they are less likely to break down but the motherboards inside these units also use surface mount components. While this may at first seem like a feature, as this offers a more modern circuit design, it may in fact may drastically cut down your options should the board fail. We believe that we are the only vendor of used analytical instrumentation that is capable of surface mount repairs, in fact most manufacturers do not carry out these sorts of repairs. The 410 models can be over 25 years old and their circuit boards have several design flaws but they are generally easier to service and even have several chips in sockets, making replacement simple. There should be several vendors capable of carrying out these repairs.

Both the 410 and the 2410 are very low maintenance and have almost no consumable parts. We do replace the rubber feet and the cooling fan's filter media but these are trivial improvements. The main work in preparing a refractive index detector for sale is in it's testing. It may take several days for these detectors to reach a thermal equilibrium. Testing to make sure that the detector is able to maintain a stable baseline is critical and should it fail to do so there are several electronic components that can be replaced to bring the stability back within specification.

At one point all of our prices were posted online. Since the subprime fiasco of 2007 we have had an increasingly difficult time keeping our online prices up to date with the number of currencies that we normally quote in. Worse yet (for us) the prices of many instruments are in a state of flux. At this time(June 2010) we are in a buyer's market, this is an excellent time to buy used instrumentation, with prices approximately 10-15% lower then in 2007. Unfortunately we have had to switch from an online pricing setup to a quote-on-request one.

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